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For every flower there is a unique and specific meaning, but broadly speaking each flower color holds a meaning of its own. In some cases the meaning has been around for so long that it is obvious and apparent. At other times, the meaning of the flower’s color is subtle and nuanced. It’s nice to be aware of what your flowers mean, because it makes your gift more intentional and it prevents you from accidentally giving a flower that holds an awkward meaning. In this article, we outline some of the meanings of various flowers.




We all know that red signifies passion and love, and that most red flowers will have a romantic connotation. Red roses are a ubiquitous indicator of passion and love between two individuals, and if you want to take things in your relationship to the next step, a red rose is often a good way of showing that you’re ready to do so. Of course there are many red flowers and some may only be a sign of mutual respect.




This is a color of renewal, of joy and of springtime. There are many yellow flowers. If you buy a yellow rose, the meaning is that of friendship. These flowers are meant to brighten a room, bring happiness and light, and generally lighten and enliven an atmosphere. They are a great choice especially for autumn and springtime.




White is a very austere color for a flower, and is usually meant to convey purity and innocence. Many funeral flowers and funeral arrangements are composed of white flowers, and they can also imbue a sense of silence and solemnity to an occasion. In some ways a white flower carries a specific meaning, but they can also be bought if you are attracted to their beauty and purity.




There are some that don’t differentiate between pink and red, but the two colors hold distinct meanings. Pink has softer meanings, and can often indicate a wish for grace, and peace. It also conveys thankfulness and is a great flower to sent when you are indebted to someone and are feeling a lot of gratitude.


The more time you spend exploring the meanings of flowers, the more significant your gift becomes. If you’re looking for flower shops Calgary that will provide you with access to every color of flower, and make sure that they are delivered quickly and in great shape, you’ve come to the right place. We are one of Calgary’s top-rated flower shops and we would love to help you however we can. Take a look through this website to find out more about what we have to offer.

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